We are a professional team with huge experience in mass timber construction from CLT panels, providing both construction companies and developers with high quality raw structures for further fitting out.


In construction, precision is of paramount importance, so we strive to be precise in everything. We provide continuous expertise in:

  • sustainable procurement of raw material;
  • controlled prefabrication of CLT elements at our partner facilities;
  • proprietary moisture control protocols for transportation and installation;
  • assembly of raw CLT structures at a construction site.

Precision planning allows us to minimize possible overruns, both of time and budget.


Leaders of our team have been involved in timber construction for more that 40 years, so sustainability is in our blood, and choosing CLT for raw structure construction was a logic choice for the 21st century.
Our raw structures:

  • are made from CLT – ecological, renewable mass timber material;
  • reduce construction time and construction staff necessary;
  • allow for smaller, more quiet construction sites with less waste;
  • have a low ecological footprint;
  • allow for buildings with excellent thermal and sound isolation, as well as high living comfort in timber clad interiors.


Our deep understanding of timber and cooperation with top engineers at local universities, best architects, artisan cabinet makers and other creative minds allows us to constantly innovate.
Among other innovations, we have created:

  • unique moisture control protocols for logistics and assembly;
  • proprietary KLIK-KLIK Wall System for simple and fast construction of small to medium buildings.

CLT Raw Building Management

We produce high quality, sustainable timber raw structures from CLT (cross-laminated timber), providing continuos expertise starting from sustainable procurement of raw material through precise and controlled fabrication of elements at our partner facilities and ending with correct storage, transportation and assembly at the building site, paying special attention to moisture management and other environmental factors.

CLT Modular Houses and Modules

CLT Factory collaborates with leading innovators in timber architecture across Europe to produce a number of high quality modular building projects for a variety of purposes, including workspace, sauna and living extensions, as well as other custom-ordered solutions. At the moment CLT Factory is working on a series of innovative timber modules that we will offer to customers under our own name.

KLIK-KLIK Wall System

CLT Factory invests heavily in R&D, working together with scientists and engineers – as well as traditional carpenters and cabinet-makers to bring innovation to the growing field of timber raw structures, modular buildings and both private and public buildings. Our Klik-Klik Wall System allows unprecedented flexibility for small teams of professional builders as well as individual customers in assembling homes and other structures from prefabricated CLT panels.